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be careful out there from an Aspen running coach

Be Careful Out There From An Aspen Running Coach

Today is December 16th and the next four weeks or so are probably the most treacherous times to be a runner in the Aspen area. Hence, this article… Be Careful Out There From An Aspen Running Coach.

Be Careful Out There From An Aspen Running Coach

As a runner in Aspen, right now, so many things out there are just waiting to derail your running… Here is a list…

  1. Cold and Dark – We are going to have the coldest and darkest days the next handful of weeks. Dress accordingly and unless you are running during mid-day, have a light and wear something reflective.
  2. Aspen Drivers – More and more people are going to be coming into town the next few weeks and driving, and many of them unfamiliar with driving in the icy and snowy winter conditions that we have. In their rush to get to the gondola, Prada, or the Burberry store… you could easily be hit by a car. Be ultra-aware of vehicle traffic.
  3. Snow and Ice – This newest storm has brought a lot of warm temperatures, rain, and heavy/wet springtime-like snow. Of course, in 24 hours our temperatures will be well below freezing, so all of the standing slush today will be solid ice tomorrow. I am not saying you must wear traction like Microspikes or Yaktrax, but it is a good idea to have extra traction with you in case you need it.
  4. Disease and Pestilence – Aspen will be full of 20-30,000 people from all over the globe bringing in all sorts of germs, viruses, and bacteria from wherever. Pay extra attention to personal hygiene, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and limit your exposure to others in confined spaces… i.e. nightclubs, bars, the gondola, and RFTA where sick people and germs collect. Hand sanitizer is your friend.

So, be careful out there from an Aspen running coach – be aware of the threats out there that our busy season brings and act/train/run accordingly.

Andy Wooten – Aspen Running Coach

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Photo by Andy Wooten


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