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Dave Conner

This is Dave Conner from Colorado Springs, we first met in the training camp.  I really meant to get this out to you sooner but for a number of reasons, I did not.  I wanted to first congratulate you on a fine performance at the LT100 this year.  I’m not sure what your best LT100 is or how you interpret your results but from where I sit- stellar job, my hat is off to you!  Secondly, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to mentor me on this challenging event.  It is in part due to your advice that I was able to succeed in my goal as well and that was to finish.  The perspective you gave me on how to approach the 100 mile distance was critical to my mindset going in and it carried me through the many miles to the end.  The recommendation you provided regarding crew staging at Twin Lakes was the center of our team strategy and we treated the other crew assisted aid stations as extensions of the Twin Lakes hub.

I now know what 100 miles feels like.  I know better who I am- a runner, something I never really considered before.  Now, I look for the next challenge.

Thank you.


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