What would it take for you to finish the

Leadville Trail 100?

Have you attempted this legendary race before? Maybe you have and instead of coming home with a buckle, you found yourself with a DNF. Many capable runners begin the race expecting to finish, only to find somewhere along the way that their bodies and minds simply cannot complete the course.

That’s a pretty discouraging ending after training and gearing up for this hundred-mile race at 10,000 feet above sea level. It’s a big commitment and every runner wants to make it to the end.

Or maybe you HAVE finished Leadville several times, but still find that coveted big buckle to be elusive.

Leadville is no ordinary race. It takes more than standard training to get it right. 

You need a plan.

Make sure those training hours are put to good use by learning to train smarter. The way a runner trains for such a challenging race is different than training for a marathon at sea level.

Coach Andy Wooten overcame a DNF (Did Not Finish)

in his first Leadville attempt and has added six belt buckles to his collection since then. His first Leadville race was discouraging, but he addressed the problems head-on with a coach and look at the difference in his stats.

  • August 2010:  29:34:10 (320th Overall)
  • August 2016:  22:43:21 (29th Overall)

In six tries, he improved his time by more than 7 hours!

Since that unsuccessful race, not only has he has finished the Leadville Trail 100 six times, but he also completed the Leadman series of five races twice.

How did he accomplish this?

By making himself a student of the Leadville races and working to master them. He knows the course, mile by mile. He knows what it takes to finish each race and, having mastered each one, he knows how to coach you to a successful finish.

Don't just finish the Leadville 100.

Finish it well.

You have the ability to earn a big buckle. What you need are the tools, a plan and inspiration. You can learn them from the best.

  • Train smarter
  • Leverage technology and tools to track your progress
  • Fuel your body the right way
  • Strategic hydration

Coach Andy is not your typical running coach.

Coach Andy is a Life Coach with a master’s degree in counseling who uses his experience to take a holistic, systematic approach to your training. Do you already have a busy life? Are you working a demanding job? Do you find it difficult to see yourself as an ultramarathon runner?

Whatever the circumstances, Coach Andy works with you to make running and training part of your life, not something that consumes your life.

Get the benefit of Coach Andy’s experience and comprehensive knowledge.

  • Get a personalized, contoured training program developed just for you, designed week by week to match your specific goals and progress

  • Work with the coach on problems as they come up

  • Finish the Leadville Trail 100!

It takes time to get results. Athletes who want to sign on for coaching should plan to commit to a minimum of 3 months. Pricing is $300/month. In a pinch? Andy also offers one-hour consultations with no commitment for $125/hour.

Get started today.

Add a Leadville belt buckle or big buckle to your collection of race memorabilia.
Contact Coach Andy for a free initial consultation and take the first step to finishing that race!